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Robyn, 20, Manchester :)
i'm a shy, pessimistic, slothful soul who likes to draw. I work as a Barista & i don't eat ze animals or their eggys, I'm untidy, clumsy, and obsessive.. I LOVE - Placebo<3, Marmite on toast, Cigs, hazelnut soya Latte's, Disney, Art, Red lipstick,Cartoons, Horror / Gore, British comedy, Pyjamas,Beards, Animals, Ebay, Music, Cuddles, Bed, Buffy, Tarantino,Big hair,Bedsocks, Friends&Family <3 I reblog a mixture of nostalgic sheeeit, movie gifs, things that makes me smile and dead stuff. I also post rants and ramblingssss. YUS! xxxxxx

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Requested by bernard-wangcaster

    ALSO, i’m never wearing this tshirt outside again after walking past a mum and her little boy who was wearing the same one on my way to the shop earlier.

    IT’S SO KOOL THO. WHY DOES THE KIDS SECTION HAVE ALL THE BEST STUFF? actually…why does the mens section in general have all the best stuff? PFFFFFFFFFFFFF.

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    "i’m not bitter" i say, bitterly, with a bitter expression

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    I remember when my mum used to complain about me watching 2 pints n a packet of crisps because she thought it was shite..

    Every night for 3 weeks…like clockwork.. i’ve heard the theme tune from downstairs then the volume drop slightly… 

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    Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf has been my go-to fragrance for years. I’ve never detected much in the way of floral notes—I would describe it more as an oriental-gourmand with a pine-sap opener. Now that I’ve gone through my tiny bottle of Angel by Thierry Mugler, however, all I can smell in Flowerbomb is a second-rate Angel clone. :( It’s like Angel is fine dark chocolate and Flowerbomb is chocolate milk. I need more Angel!!

    IS THIS TRUE? Because i am in LOVE with flowerbomb but it costs a fortune so anything that smells the same / better…for less money..would make my entire LIFEEEEE. 
    Gonna lurk around the fragrance section in boots tomorrow…o__o

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