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Robyn, 20, Manchester :)
i'm a shy, pessimistic, slothful soul who likes to draw. I work as a Barista & i don't eat ze animals or their eggys, I'm untidy, clumsy, and obsessive.. I LOVE - Placebo<3, Marmite on toast, Cigs, hazelnut soya Latte's, Disney, Art, Red lipstick,Cartoons, Horror / Gore, British comedy, Pyjamas,Beards, Animals, Ebay, Music, Cuddles, Bed, Buffy, Tarantino,Big hair,Bedsocks, Friends&Family <3 I reblog a mixture of nostalgic sheeeit, movie gifs, things that makes me smile and dead stuff. I also post rants and ramblingssss. YUS! xxxxxx

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    Louis Theroux, Bill Murray, Steve Coogan, David Mitchell, Karl pilkington… -

    I Cant decide whether i want them to be my new dad or whether i want to marry them.. IT IS A VERY FINE LINE

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    I &lt;3 how a baby is considered a pet. lmfao

    Anonymous asked: Oh my fuck, please would you sit on my face...

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    Anonymous asked: I like you :)

    AW, Fankyoooou!
    I like your sunglasses they are super KWL.

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    Fooood and bowwwwling with the costa lotttt. THANKYOU TIP JAR.



I will forever think of the daffodil as the Noot Noot Flower

I f uck ning hat e you so mu ch

*diabolical laughter*

    The red wine headache & hangover has begun. I think i’m going blind.

    The chances of me being able to show my face in work without feeling embarrassed as fuuuuuuck after this stafff night out are 0.
    Dont think i’ve everrrrr had such a severe hangover… Feels like i’ve been smacked round the head with a brick. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuasadsfghjghc

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    Idc….Chimps / monkeys / baboons etc are fucking terrifying.

    Was scared of them anyway but after reading about “Trevor” who reached sexual maturity…escaped.. and ripped a womans face off…….
    Their faces are too human-like or something…do not LIIIIIIIIKE. D; 
    Even my cat freaks me out when she does certain facial expressions that make her seem more intelligent than she actually is…IT’S THE EYESSSSSSS……O_____O

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    My new pj&#8217;s though&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;..THEY R GREAT.