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Robyn, 21, Manchester :)
i'm a shy, pessimistic, slothful soul who likes to draw. I work as a Barista & i don't eat ze animals or their eggys, I'm untidy, clumsy, and obsessive.. I LOVE - Placebo<3, Marmite on toast, Cigs, hazelnut soya Latte's, Disney, Art, Red lipstick,Cartoons, Horror / Gore, British comedy, Pyjamas,Beards, Animals, Ebay, Music, Cuddles, Bed, Buffy, Tarantino,Big hair,Bedsocks, Friends&Family <3 I reblog a mixture of nostalgic sheeeit, movie gifs, things that makes me smile and dead stuff. I also post rants and ramblingssss. YUS! xxxxxx

  • late night fb is the best fb.

    late night fb is the best fb.

    13 notes - 16 August, 2012

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